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The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER is a vest designed to carry body armor. This product is simple to use and consists of four adjustable shoulder straps. It is made from heat and pressure-resistant material. Using the carrier means that you will be able to protect your body from high-caliber weapons without worrying about your plate getting damaged. This product also comes with a belt clip for easy transport. Here are some of its features:

The TACTOP Plate Carrier is a versatile piece of gear for those on the move. Made from fully lined plastic, it is lightweight and resistant to heat. It is a member of the Tactical Gear plate carrier family, which also includes hard armor and vests. The vests are designed for tactical situations, while the hard armor is used in combat or non-tactical environments. There are many different uses for this type of gear, so it’s important to select one based on your particular needs.

The tactop plate carrier is also known as a plate backpack or tactical vest. It is designed to be worn over a vest and is available in a modular or soft armor configuration. Most police officers and soldiers use hard armor packs. Because of their lightweight nature, tactop plate carriers are ideal for use in urban or outdoor combat. The carrier is easy to deploy and offers the highest level of protection for its weight. Unlike hard armor, this type of carrier is lightweight, and can be used by both male and female personnel.

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