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Hard armor is a very effective way to protect yourself from bullets. It is often used in conjunction with bulletproof vests. There are two main types of hard armor plates, which protect the front and back of the human body. Each of these is made of steel, polyethylene, or ceramic, which each has different protective mechanisms. The front plate protects the chest, while the back plate protects the sides of the body. The thickness of the armor will depend on your location, as colder weather is more forgiving than hot.

Body armor vests are designed to fit the size of the user. There are some that come without plates, and you can decide which ones to integrate. However, body armor is heavier than soft body armor, and it can also become hot if used for long periods of time. If you are not sure which type to choose, consider a full-length vest with body protection. In addition, you will be more comfortable wearing it. When properly fitted, your hard armor will prevent objects from passing through your body.

The Revolution Plus carrier is made of Scent-Lok lining, which keeps odors at bay. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, easy-grip side straps, and a pocket to carry a front trauma plate. It can be customized to the size of the end user for optimal comfort and mobility. It also has a small front trauma plate pocket. If you are looking for an affordable hard armor carrier, you can look for a rigid carrier made of titanium and carbon fibers.

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